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Watch extended gameplay footage from Splatoon featuring the Giant Bomb crew.
Published May 29, 2015
1. Destiny - 2014Activision spent $500 million on the development and promotion of Destiny, the most expensive game ever made. Destiny cost more than most summer blockbusters! 2. Grand Theft Auto V - 2013In Rockstar's Grand Theft ...
Published May 29, 2015
1. Emerald Graves riftDragon Age: Inquisition players, a warning: If you venture out into the Emerald Graves too early, you regret it soon enough, thanks to an oddly stubborn fade rift with demons that dole out almost instant death. 2....
Published May 29, 2015
The Battle BeginsNintendo launched in 1889 as a Japanese playing card manufacturer, while Sega had its roots in 1940 as a Hawaii-based jukebox and slot machine distributor. Neither company foresaw it at the time, but the two would ultima...
Published May 29, 2015
1. FeliciaDayTwitch video game streamers are a colorful mixture of amateurs and pros all sharing the games they love. If you're new to Twitch, though, it can be a bit intimidating to find someone to watch. A pro like Felicia Day, fa...
Published May 29, 2015

Liquidhawks bday

Klaus posted Mar 21, 15

Because facebook told me, Happy Birthday Liquid! Unless I'm wrong and facebook fucked me.

Kiraeyl Happy Belated Birthday!! <3 ...

1st of 2015

Drastic_Man posted Jan 2, 15
jay lawllawlalwalwal

It's Jay's Birthday!

zergling posted Dec 31, 14
If you see him, please interrupt his WoW game with birthday mirth!!
Drastic_Man happy late b-day
kiltedchicken a Happy Birthday you dirty scoundrel, you.

Happy Holidays!

Kiraeyl posted Dec 25, 14
Happy Holidays my ranger friends! :D <3
kiltedchicken a To you and the rest of Rangerland as well!
Happy Birthday Lok!! :D
Drastic_Man happy belated b-day
Wulf happy birthday Lok!
you don't know day day?
who the fuck is day day
I love u day day
I love u day day
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