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Gweedo a posted Mar 23, 14
Reaper of Souls drops Tuesday. Post your RoS Legendaries in the forums.

Dras... start your adventure mode spreadsheets, they'll be useful.
Gweedo a We... Rangers... Hows your crusader coming, zerg?
zergling what's this "we" shit
Wulf blizzard can suck my dick.

On Thursday, November 1st, there will be an event unlike any other ever witnessed by the eye of mankind.

A battle so tumultuous in magnitude that grown men weep, and children run chaotically screaming into the confused embrace of their elders.

In a matter of just three days, the sheer polarity of power in the universe will be forever altered as two unstoppable forces vie for control.

Alpha team, the epitome of skill and strategy, will engage Bravo team, unparalleled in ferocity and stoic determination. Only fate itself can foresee the outcome of this contest, and the future is as questionable as Alan’s sexuality.

When the unstoppable force meets the unmovable object, hell will be unleashed.

Team Alpha

Team Bravo

Gentlemen, cry havok let loose the dogs of war!

Posted Tuesday October 30th, 2001 at 01:59 by Wally

kiltedchicken a Heh, well from what I can remember from 12 years ago, Bravo team beat the Alpha hax.
Kiraeyl how'd it go?
zergling We should commemorate this event somehow... with another epic battle.
Happy BELATED Birthday to:

Flashdim! (June) 

Milpool! (September)

Jigata! (September)

me! (September)

Atkins! (October)

Lokatana! (December)

Gweedo! (December)

Liquidhawk! (March)

Yep! We're pretty amazing. And if anyone else didn't get their birthday announced, comment below so I can announce it here, cause we're all pretty awesome people and we deserve to have our name up in flashing.... lights lights lights lights 

(yes, I just did that)
kiltedchicken a YAYYYYYYYYYY Happy passed-birthdays!
Artemis 2.0 is out and I paid for the upgrade - it is good for the whole clan, so you don't need to purchase a copy.  Hopefully we'll get to play some at RanCon, should be fun.

For those interested, see the Ranger forums for the download link - look for the Spaceship Bridge Simulator thread.

Payday 2 Four Pack

zergling posted Aug 15, 13
Just bought a four pack, contact me if you want to buy a copy.
zergling One left - Wulf snagged a copy
zergling Two left - Dark just got one.
Woo gotta find my mumble certificate from pre-potatobuild. I'll just post here: Hi guys!
hooray for Mumble
you're so milpool.
Gweedo is cool. Hahaha April fools!
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