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MechWarrior: Online - Builds Underlining Terrific/Terrible Strategies

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With that out of the way, here's some basic build info/names you may hear us refer to off and on. I will be screwing with the format and doing other tweaking as time goes on. If the in-game tutorials remain poor I might have to make an tutorial thread for equipment as well, because the differences between ranges, heat, and damage on the lasers alone can be confusing. I don't expect everyone to have intimate knowledge of a tabletop game conceived before I could even read.

Abbreviations for the non-Battletech Savvy



Weapon Data & General Design Tips

To speed up acquistion of XL Engines: As of 8/1 you can just buy an Atlas AS7-K with MC and sell it with items to instantly earn around 8m cbills, more than enough to buy an XL-375 engine. I don't expect anyone to use their personal cash to do this in the future once the MC resets from the beta are over, though.

Here's the weapon data posted on the beta forum. Good to keep handy until it gets in-game.

All-Around Builds

Lawesome AWS-8Q
A medium-range assault mech

Super Lawesome AWS-8Q
A SUPER medium-range assault mech

Brawler Builds

Lunchback HBK-4P
A medium fast harrasser

Super Lunchback HBK-4P
A medium SUPER fast harrasser

Super Mawesome AQS-8R
A short-range missile shotgun

Ranged/Sniper Builds

Gaussapult CPLT-K2
Tears du Pubbie, with a salty finish
Posted Aug 7, 12 · OP · Last edited Aug 8, 12
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Love it.
Posted Aug 7, 12
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Messing with this idea, just as something to use for the Founders Catapult. Called it "scaredy cat" because at close range you'll probably be backing off like mad to keep using the PPCs.

Scaredy Cat CPLT-C1
No thanks, I'm fine back here

Recommended Armor:
Full armor everywhere but:
Arms - 33 each
Legs - 40 each

XL-300 Engine
10 x Heat Sinks (2 x LL, 2 x RL, 3 x LT, 3 x RT)
2 x Medium Lasers (CT)
2 x PPC (1 x LT, 1 x RT)
2 x SSRM2 (1 x LA, 1 x RA)
1 x SSRM2 ammo (1 x HD)

Like the default CPLT-K2 Catapult, but with some short to mid range insurance against light mechs and harassers. Ideally though, it probably should stay as far away from enemies as possible; the best rounds I have are the ones where I can get 5 or 6 PPC strikes per enemy, softening them up for the brawlers.
Posted Aug 8, 12 · OP
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My variant of the Gaussapult

Recommended Armor:
Full armor everywhere but:
Arms - 0
Legs - 20 ea

XL-270 Engine
2 x Gauss Rifle
5 x Gauss ammo

Straight up far away quick position sniper build. Take your shots then move away and take some more. Rely on low cover when taking shots so leg hits are less likely. Found it uber nice on Forrest where there are numerous hills I can just poke up from behind. And remember to run away. Jenners and Commandos can be real threat if they find you, unless you got steady aim.
Posted Aug 9, 12 · Last edited Aug 9, 12
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I'm slowly working through various brawler builds on my founder atlas

my current fav:
armor: full cept
legs: 81 ea

std 255 eng
2x uac/5
2x med las
2x spl
2x srm6
16x heatsink

Basically chain fire my uac's the entire time even alternating targets to f their aim and then alternate las and srm once in the sub 300 killzone. Plays well for support cause there are times where I'll do +600 damage end of round but only 1 kill since I'm chaining on 3 separate targets.

Heat dissipation still isn't where I want it leading to almost shutdowns on caustic. This forces me to change my wep groups on that map to dual fire my lasers instead of quad. Fixed, ditched two ml's for spl's and no more near overheats while doing more ontarget damage up close. But otherwise avoid alpha's unless it's a med standing still in front of you.

Not being speedy means staying towards front middle of the fighting so you can move where your team is getting hit hardest. This often means you get left out there all alone.

Alt build that exchanges srm's for single lrm10. Dunno if I like it since lrm flight path gets retarded unless you are up high. and the extra srm punch up close allows the 1v1s to end quicker. Officially hate the lrm alt.

I'm seeing builds that do uac5 and guass. Don't think I like that either since you can't chain fire those two as fast or as often (ammo) and the aim throw of the uac5's is part of your defense.
Posted Aug 10, 12 · Last edited Aug 16, 12
Gweedo a
My Jen-Jen build:

Armor: Pump it up as much as you can, but you won't have much. 16 in the legs, 24 in center, 14 in the head, torso and rear center, 8 everywhere else.

2 Medium Pulse Lasers
1 SRM 4 + 100 ammo.
16X Heatsink
1 jump jet

Now just run. Don't ever stop running. Weave between dudes, get to their back and shoot a single laser volly and missle at rear center mass. If its another light, go for the legs. I'll do 1 of two things when the match starts. I'll either rush for an early cap, or wait for the team to engage.

When going for the cap, try and get in without being seen. Once you start capping, they are going to have to send someone back, but often times 3-4 mechs will be running back, which leaves your team free to advance on the remaining enemy front line. Then you just bob and weave back to allies, hopefully baiting some dufus right into team mates.

If you get seen or caught trying to head to base I'll just retreat back and wait for the team to engage. Then I run out and tie up the bigger mechs. Go for the any atlas and awesome you see, but make sure they are already engaged with someone. You can then just walk right up to them and shoot their exposed backside. For the most part they'll ignore you because everyone underestimates the light mechs.

Now if you end up in a 1 v 1 you circle them. They'll turn their torso to shoot you, but won't be able to keep up. Right when they hit the limit of their torso turn you slow down and do a 180. They'll be expecting you to continue your circle, but really you're just shooting their back while they slow turn to meet where they think you'll be.
Posted Aug 10, 12