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For friendship!Square Enix has announced the launch of a 14-day free trial period for its MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.The free trial software can be downloaded from the site, which allows players to play the game for free f...
Published Aug 1, 2014
With PlayStation Now, Sony has created an instant, on demand service for video games. It provides access to some of the PlayStation 3 catalog to PlayStation 4 and Sony TV owners, effectively giving the PS4 backwards compatibility. It's a...
Published Aug 1, 2014
Another month, another handful of games that PlayStation Plus members are getting for free. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Published Jul 31, 2014
Aside from being the biggest, most important card game of the past 20 years, Magic: The Gathering has become a nexus point for different types of players. Some people get a kick out of building clever, efficient decks using powerful card...
Published Jul 31, 2014
What will your children inherit when you die? Your house? Your debts? Your sweet record collection? The PlayStation port of Rogue Legacy has inherited its PC parent's engaging exploration and combat, mixing some of the best elements from...
Published Jul 31, 2014

The Newest Ranger.

Wulf posted Jul 23, 14
Baby Grayson was born Saturday, July 19th. Woot!
zergling + your birthday, that's good timing.
Gweedo a Awesome. Lil Dick Grayson. Congrats man.
zergling Well nice job old chap - nice job indeed.
So pass along some wishes, and such!
Milpool Happy birthday, poo-head.
Gweedo a Happy birthday, garbage face.

It's KFC's Birthday!

Kiraeyl posted Jul 2, 14

Happy Birthday KFC! 

kiltedchicken a YAYYYYYYY
zergling Hooray! Nice afro on those mugs.
Everyone be happy that his house didn't burn down so he could make it another year!

Happy Birthday Flashdim!

kiltedchicken a mmm, moist lies...
flashdim It is the only truth! I too, am moist.
Kiraeyl You guys rock!


kiltedchicken a posted May 22, 14
After performing some much needed site cleanup, specifically user/troops management, it was obvious that some of you have been languishing away as Top Llamas due to our slacking.  

While their promotions had already been recognized in spirit, now they have it writing.  

Congratulations to [R2]:
Xanthus Maximus 

for reaching Ranger status.  Troops page has been updated accordingly, and sekrut forum access should be granted.

/me salutes
jay BUT I LIKE THE LAMA LIFE!!!!!!! I will make a new identity so I can be both lama and ranger!
zergling Congrats guys. Jay, go wash my car.
nasty Thanks everyone!
middle school
[link] Beta key giveaway for ArcheAge
That looks interesting klaus
[link] doing it, hope it doesnt suck
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