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Bandai Namco has confirmed the release date for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2. The multiplayer action game is set for an October 25 release on PS4 and Xbox One--it comes to PC on October 28. The publisher also announced that the upcoming game...
Published Jul 1, 2016
In The Final Station, a train conductor is forced to fight for survival in an apocalyptic wasteland. You guide this conductor through towns inhabited by shadowy, zombie-like creatures that will tear you apart. Ammo is scarce and the zomb...
Published Jul 1, 2016
Alexa Ray flies solo with special guest Phil Kollar of Polygon to talk about Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. WARNING: major spoilers for Star Ocean 5!Airship is available now on GameSpot.com and on iTunes! Subscribe to our RSS f...
Published Jul 1, 2016
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is a game that refuses to be pinned down. It explores quantum physics and meta probability, horror tropes and memory loss, revealing hidden nuances as it unfolds like an origami swan. There are a slew of mi...
Published Jul 1, 2016
Call of Duty publisher Activision removed a game from Steam because it featured allegedly stolen Black Ops 3 gun assets
Published Jul 1, 2016

Now it's Milpool's Birthday!

By flashdim - Posted Sep 13, 12