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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed Microsoft's Xbox E3 2016 press conference will be 90-minutes long, which is about the same length as its briefings in previous years.@nbotelho150 @Hitman Our press conference will be 90 minutes. — Ph...
Published May 26, 2016
[Update] TechRadar has said "two independent sources" have also verified the delay. They did not, however, confirm the extent of the delay.No Man's Sky now won't come out until July or August at the earliest, according to the report."A s...
Published May 26, 2016
Plenty of awesome secrets and easter eggs are being uncovered in Doom, here’s seven awesome ones to keep an eye out for in the fiery hellscape!
Published May 26, 2016
Fallout 4 Far Harbor brings the striker. Rob gives us the lowdown on Beaver Creek Lanes' big boy bowling ball launcher and the quest for infinite balls.
Published May 26, 2016
Overwatch's Lucio sonic amplifies and crossfades his way to victory in this full match gameplay.
Published May 26, 2016

Now it's Milpool's Birthday!

By flashdim - Posted Sep 13, 12

i took the discord widget down for now until we can find a better display option
Put it in but it throws the page off wack
we'll have to see if there is a manual way to get it to work in a module
doesn't look like discord is supported yet