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[UPDATE] Developer Overkill Software says in a video address that Payday 2 is doing away with its controversial microtransaction system. Additionally, Overkill will continue to support Payday 2 with new content for at least 18 more month...
Published May 31, 2016
Sega is interested in Sonic crossovers with Nintendo and My Little Pony characters, while Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC suffers across consoles.
Published May 30, 2016
Sony is bringing back its "PlayStation E3 Experience" event whereby people in North America can watch the company's E3 2016 briefing live in a movie theater.More than 85 movie theaters across the US, Canada, and Latin America will broadc...
Published May 30, 2016
Blood of my Blood was a pretty low-key episode, but enough happened for the GameSpot of Thrones gang to dig their teeth into. Why is the Blackfish so important? Who is Coldhands? Beware: book and show spoilers within!
Published May 30, 2016
Sonic is no stranger to crossovers, having appeared in Super Smash Bros. and a number of Mario & Sonic games. Sega may now be considering even more partnerships like these if a new survey is any indication.A survey sent to Sega fans ...
Published May 30, 2016

Rangercon XXIV is 1 month away!

By Lokatana a - Posted Sep 19, 12
i took the discord widget down for now until we can find a better display option
Put it in but it throws the page off wack
we'll have to see if there is a manual way to get it to work in a module