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1. Anyone can punch a baddie until he’s deadWho cares if the enemy has guns, and you’ve never punched anything before? Just move your fist toward the mercenary in a fast enough manner, and watch him drop. Right, Nathan Drake? (Photo ...
Published Aug 27, 2015
Preserving video games is difficult. Outside of illegal ROMs, it's tricky to find clean and reliable copies of the vast swath of video game history. With the Mega Man Legacy Collection, Capcom is preserving and reintroducing the roots of...
Published Aug 27, 2015
Shovel Knight, the eponymous lead character of action-platformer Shovel Knight, is getting his own Amiibo later this year, according to a tweet from a UK retailer. This marks the first time a third-party game has gotten its own Amiibo.Th...
Published Aug 27, 2015
Shooting recently wrapped on the next Captain America movie, and now some promo art has emerged, revealing new information about the film.Captain America: Civil War will tell the story of the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man...
Published Aug 27, 2015
Avalanche Studios has confirmed that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of their soon-to-launch Mad Max car-combat game will output in 1080p.Senior producer John Fuller shared the detail with GamingBolt. Asked if the game would...
Published Aug 27, 2015
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