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Earlier this month Valve opened preorders for its Steam hardware, with the added bonus that you'd be able to get your purchase a month early. Now, the first wave of preorders has sold out.Valve today announced that this special preorder ...
Published Jun 30, 2015
Retro City Rampage, the Grand Theft Auto-inspired adventure game from developer Vblank, is being ported to another platform: MS-DOS.That's right, the operating system released in 1981 is getting one more game. Announced on Facebook, this...
Published Jun 30, 2015
Watch the ReCore trailer with commentary directly from the game's creators, Keiji Inafune and Mark Pacini.
Published Jun 29, 2015
We get an exclusive look at the third side quest DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Find out without any spoilers if this excursion is worth your time.
Published Jun 29, 2015
GameSpot's interns test out backwards compatibility on the Xbox One with one of their favorite games: Mass Effect.
Published Jun 29, 2015

Rangercon XXIV is 1 month away!

By Lokatana a - Posted Sep 19, 12
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