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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor developer Monolith Productions was worried about how some people were comparing the Lord of the Rings game to the Assassin's Creed series. This is because, lead designer Bob Roberts says, the developer alwa...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Ahead of PlayStation TV's arrival in the United States on October 14, Sony has published a video that aims to get you up to speed with everything the device has to offer. You can watch it above.Sony announced in late September that almos...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Sony has rolled out a new promotion whereby users who spend $100 in the PlayStation Store will receive a $15 credit. The promotion began today and runs through October 28. It's available only in North America.The deal is good for already...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Get acquainted with Sony's new micro-console, the PlayStation TV.
Published Oct 1, 2014
The PlayStation 4 is the only currently confirmed console platform for Dean Hall's open-world zombie game, DayZ, but it may not stay that way forever. Asked by Eurogamer if the game is coming to Xbox One, Hall said he's sure the game won...
Published Oct 1, 2014

Rangercon XXIV is 1 month away!

By Lokatana a - Posted Sep 19, 12
RangerCon menu is up on the forums. Still looking for people to confirm their attendance!
I'm BAAAAACK... for some CS:GO
ofc I don't believe in it; obviously a conspiracy with Lou Gehrig and his dark discipless
Donated to both causes, Kir - just realized that was an IBC linky
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