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Microsoft's Xbox Ultimate Game Sale returns next week, when tons of Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles will be offered at deep discounts. Now, Microsoft has announced some of the discounted games.Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has published a tease...
Published Jul 2, 2015
With manufacturing for Nintendo's new console, the NX, reportedly set to begin in October with the console itself potentially launching next year, some may be wondering what that might mean for the company's existing platforms like the W...
Published Jul 2, 2015
The Android version of popular Fallout mobile game Fallout Shelter should launch sometime in August.That's according to Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines, who shared the release window on Twitter in an exchange with a fan."Coming a...
Published Jul 2, 2015
Nintendo made a number of exciting announcements at E3 2015 last month, but not everyone was impressed with what the company had to show. Now, Nintendo executives Satoru Iwata (president) and Shigeru Miyamoto (managing director) have res...
Published Jul 2, 2015
Cities: Skylines developer Colossal Order was "very surprised" by the fact that the SimCity-like simulation PC game enjoyed such strong sales, reaching 1 million copies sold in one month. In an new interview with TechRadar, CEO Mariina H...
Published Jul 2, 2015


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