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Watch extended gameplay footage from Borderlands: The Pre-Seque featuring the Giant Bomb crew.
Published Oct 20, 2014
The latest game in the Civilization series, Civilization: Beyond Earth, launches later this week. Preloading has begun, but one thing you may want to download first is Civilization V, which you can play for free from now until Thursday.A...
Published Oct 20, 2014
The playable demo of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arrives Tuesday, October 21, but it will--for whatever reason--not be freely available on the 3DS eShop. To download it, you'll need to first obtain a code to download this "Spec...
Published Oct 20, 2014
Though Rock Band 4 is not currently in development, developer Harmonix reminds gamers in a new interview that it controls the future direction of the series by virtue of owning the IP, and teased that the music game franchise will return...
Published Oct 20, 2014
Rob RiggleNot long it was teased that the Dead Rising movie might include an appearance by series mainstay Frank West, Legendary Pictures has announced comedian Rob Riggle will play the role of West in the film.Legendary today announced ...
Published Oct 20, 2014


By kiltedchicken a - Posted Oct 19, 12
1 day lol
looks like we need to build a slacker shrine
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