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A new system update for PlayStation Vita will be released late tonight, the most significant aspect of which is support for themes.As announced at the Tokyo Game Show in early September, theme support is coming to both Vita and PlayStati...
Published Oct 1, 2014
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and video game publisher Bandai Namco is getting involved. It has teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to launch a "Ms. Pac-Man Pink Ribbon Campaign" to help in the fight...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Ah, the humble real-time strategy soldier. Alone, he or she is nothing but a tiny dot on a vast map. But a mass of soldiers forms a blob of destructive power that can cut a swath of blood and destruction across the countryside in whateve...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Xbox Live's Deals With Gold discounts are now available, and this week's coincide with a sale on a variety of Ubisoft games.Xbox One's deals are limited to just one game and some DLC. The game, though, is a relatively new one--Sniper Eli...
Published Oct 1, 2014
After announcing it last week, Bungie today deployed patch 1.0.2 for Destiny on all platforms. The patch addresses a number of game issues, and makes major changes to Engrams."With this patch, we address some widely discussed concerns wi...
Published Oct 1, 2014


By kiltedchicken a - Posted Oct 19, 12
RangerCon menu is up on the forums. Still looking for people to confirm their attendance!
I'm BAAAAACK... for some CS:GO
ofc I don't believe in it; obviously a conspiracy with Lou Gehrig and his dark discipless
Donated to both causes, Kir - just realized that was an IBC linky
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