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[UPDATE] Telltale's head of creative communications, Job Stauffer, has clarified the comments on Twitter. Telltale still aims to release every episode by the end of the year, but it won't sacrifice quality to meet that goal."[W]e're comm...
Published Jun 25, 2016
Keiji Inafune takes responsibility for Mighty No. 9, Sony class action suit settles, Clash of Clans dev bought for 8.6 billion, and ... BINGO!
Published Jun 25, 2016
The Witcher 3's Geralt already uses his Witcher senses in a detective-like fashion, so reimagining him as a noir detective feels right. That's exactly what artist Ástor Alexander did in a series of pictures featuring Witcher characters i...
Published Jun 24, 2016
Wild PossibilitiesThe gameplay possibilities in the expansive world of the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have expanded far beyond anything we've seen from the series previously. This is in part thanks to the plethora o...
Published Jun 24, 2016
The LogoAlthough we're more than a year away from actually seeing the Justice League movie, recent set visits revealed quite a bit about the November 2017 film, Justice League.Warning: There are going to be spoilers for the film here. Th...
Published Jun 23, 2016


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