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Welcome back to GameSpot Q&A a weekly section where we ask our staff and readers an interesting discussion question about video games. Look at this as a forum where you and others can discuss and compare your opinions of this beloved...
Published Jul 4, 2015
It may be tempting to dismiss Supernova as another generic attempt to enter the multiplayer online battle arena genre. However, developer Primal Game Studio has taken elements usually found in a MOBA game and mixed it with the traits of ...
Published Jul 4, 2015
GameSpot hooks up with Games Done Quick and Speedrunner Christopher "Studio" Grant attempts to beat Roundabout's eSports Mode in under 15 minutes.
Published Jul 4, 2015
GameSpot hooks up with Games Done Quick and Speedrunner Romscout attempts to beat Symphony of the Night in under 20 minutes.
Published Jul 4, 2015
THE BIG STUFF:Ultra-Rare Nintendo PlayStation Console Has Been Found: The result of a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony, the items is considered to be the Holy Grail of game memorabilia. Click through the link above to see som...
Published Jul 4, 2015

Welcome Newcomers!

By CapnBiggles - Posted Nov 4, 12
If you came here from Reddit or YouTube, welcome! Yesterday we received 508 unique visitors. I'm sure they weren't all bots.

If you're new to the site and want to get to know us/play some gamez, feel free to register and introduce yourself in the forums: http://www.clan-rangers.com/forum/m/2898961/viewforum/725939

Or join us on mumble at mumble.clan-rangers.com : 36090
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