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[UPDATE] We re-promoted this story today now that the calendar has rolled over to October.The original story is below.Streaming giant Netflix has announced everything coming to and leaving the service for October 2016.Some of the high-pr...
Published Oct 1, 2016
A veteran Square Enix art director has left the Japanese developer.Yusuke Naora announced on Twitter that his last day with the Final Fantasy XV developer was Friday, September 30. The tweets were translated by Nova Crystallis. Most rece...
Published Oct 1, 2016
343's ongoing support for Halo 5, which launched one year ago this month, has been steady and impressive. The developer continues to support and update the game, the latest example being some changes to the game's love-it-or-hate-it mult...
Published Oct 1, 2016
It's now October, so Xbox Live Gold members have more free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games to pick up as part of the Games With Gold program.As announced previously, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is now free on Xbox One (just in time fo...
Published Oct 1, 2016
It's the weekend again...here's a roundup of the week's biggest stories and some you might have missed.THE BIG STUFF: The Xbox One is on a roll, especially in the UK, it seems. The latest weekly numbers came in, and Xbox One sales rose b...
Published Oct 1, 2016

Happy Holidays!

By Gweedo a - Posted Dec 25, 12
Just wanted to wish all the Rangers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hopefully you've secured some time off to get some gaming in.

RangerCon XXXI Announced! Check forums!
It. Has. Begun.
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