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More details surrounding Mortal Kombat X's upcoming new character Predator have leaked online. Posted by Eventhubs, the new content showcases the character's Fatality, Brutality, and gory win pose.Try not to lose your head in the heat of...
Published Jul 2, 2015
Unreal Engine 4, the game engine from Epic Games that's behind titles like EVE: Valkyrie and Street Fighter 5, has been used to create some amazing projects. New scenes from a UE user, however, might just be the most photorealistic.User ...
Published Jul 1, 2015
1. Clyde the Ghost from Pac-ManReady for some deep Pac-Man lore? In the original game, Clyde would often change his mind and shyly beat a retreat when chasing Pac-Man. In the TV series Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures, Clyde’s caring...
Published Jul 1, 2015
FreakAngels by Warren EllisThe popular webcomic is now available in six paperback volumes stuffed to the brim with psychics, steampunks, and planetary disaster: just the thrilling sort of stuff to liven up any summer beach read bag. Buy ...
Published Jul 1, 2015
1. The Very First Zombie in Resident EvilIt may be hard to imagine, but there was a time when the sight of a fully rendered zombie in a video game was both frightening and breathtaking. This was the moment we discovered Resident Evil had...
Published Jul 1, 2015
In case you have not been following the news, we have decided to make the switch 100% from Ventrilo to Mumble.  Please check the forums for all pertinent information, or use the handy Mumble status tool on the left panel of the website.

Again, the Ventrilo server is no longer active - so if you have not already done so, install Mumble and log on!

/me salutes
long live day day
you don't know day day?
who the fuck is day day
I love u day day
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