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With JJ Abrams fully ensconced in the Star Wars universe, it seems as though the director and his collaborators are now happy to discuss why his last film in a big sci-fi franchise--Star Trek Into Darkness--failed to meet many fan's expe...
Published Dec 1, 2015
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but Microsoft's regular Deals With Gold program continues. The company has now unveiled this week's lineup of offers across Xbox One and Xbox 360. Scroll down to see all of the best offers. Xbox On...
Published Dec 1, 2015
Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey will make a "special announcement" during The Game Awards this week, show organizer Geoff Keighley teased in a tweet.In his own tweet, Luckey said: "Really cool announcement happening at The Game Awards!...
Published Dec 1, 2015
A new Fallout 4 mod by Sorenova brings Pixar's famous hero Buzz Lightyear into the Wasteland.The Buzz Lightyear Paladin Danse mod is now available through Nexusmods (via Kotaku), though getting the Buzz power armor is somewhat involved. ...
Published Dec 1, 2015
Xenoblade Chronicles X has a massive world with beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away.
Published Dec 1, 2015
In case you have not been following the news, we have decided to make the switch 100% from Ventrilo to Mumble.  Please check the forums for all pertinent information, or use the handy Mumble status tool on the left panel of the website.

Again, the Ventrilo server is no longer active - so if you have not already done so, install Mumble and log on!

/me salutes
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