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Click to drag the slider and reveal the brighter image. NetherRealm Studios has hinted at the next new characters coming to fighting game Mortal Kombat X as part of a downloadable content pack. The image above was shared by the studio's ...
Published Sep 3, 2015
Fantastic creation tools and addictive 2D platforming make Super Mario Maker superb.
Published Sep 3, 2015
Your loyal soldiers at Mother Base have a small surprise in store for you if you visit on your birthday. You can set your system clock manually if you can't wait for you birthday!
Published Sep 3, 2015
When I first played Tearaway back in 2013, I adamantly argued that Media Molecule’s delightful and imaginative platformer wouldn’t be possible without the PlayStation Vita. The Vita's medley of distinct inputs—from the touch screen...
Published Sep 2, 2015
PlayStation officially reveals 3.0 update, Machinima pays for not disclosing Microsoft sponsorships, and Kojima releases emotional MGSV documentary.
Published Sep 2, 2015

It's Jay's Birthday!

zergling posted Dec 31, 14
If you see him, please interrupt his WoW game with birthday mirth!!
Drastic_Man happy late b-day
kiltedchicken a Happy Birthday you dirty scoundrel, you.

Happy Holidays!

Kiraeyl posted Dec 25, 14
Happy Holidays my ranger friends! :D <3
kiltedchicken a To you and the rest of Rangerland as well!
Happy Birthday Lok!! :D
Drastic_Man happy belated b-day
Wulf happy birthday Lok!

Happy Birthday :)
Drastic_Man Happy Bday Kir
zergling Happy happy joy joy
Kiraeyl omg thanks guys! ...


kiltedchicken a posted Sep 11, 14
So everyone wish him a happy one, and such!
Kiraeyl Happy Belated birthday Merc!
Wulf Happy Birthday, sorry im late.
zergling Best wishes.
Dis fuckin' guy right here
i can never escape this
why do you have to lie to the boy
Jay I had sex with your mom.
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