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Recap!Weekly Recap: Nintendo NX Release Date, Zelda Delay, PS4 Sells 40 Million, Next Call of Duty Revealed Did you step away this week? Here's a recap of the week's big stories and some you may have missed. Click "Next Image" below to g...
Published Apr 30, 2016
The mysterious game 1666 was described as "the new Assassin's Creed," but since no footage was ever released, we never knew what that would have looked like. Now, we do. Creator Patrice Desilets today shared the first-ever public footage...
Published Apr 30, 2016
Each week we search and gather up the coolest comic book art you won't see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because professional artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs, and Tumb...
Published Apr 30, 2016
Check out some of the weapons you can expect to use in DOOM single-player including the chainsaw, super shotgun, the gauss cannon, the chainsaw, the BFG and more.
Published Apr 30, 2016
From Witcher 3 to Ark: Survival Evolved, we ran these 10 games at 4k on our Alienware Area 51 until it chugged. See what topped the list!
Published Apr 30, 2016

1st of 2015

Drastic_Man posted Jan 2, 15
jay lawllawlalwalwal

It's Jay's Birthday!

zergling posted Dec 31, 14
If you see him, please interrupt his WoW game with birthday mirth!!
Drastic_Man happy late b-day
kiltedchicken a Happy Birthday you dirty scoundrel, you.

Happy Holidays!

Kiraeyl posted Dec 25, 14
Happy Holidays my ranger friends! :D <3
kiltedchicken a To you and the rest of Rangerland as well!
Happy Birthday Lok!! :D
Drastic_Man happy belated b-day
Wulf happy birthday Lok!

Happy Birthday :)
Drastic_Man Happy Bday Kir
zergling Happy happy joy joy
Kiraeyl omg thanks guys!
i took the discord widget down for now until we can find a better display option
Put it in but it throws the page off wack
we'll have to see if there is a manual way to get it to work in a module
doesn't look like discord is supported yet